The file hud.cfg contains the info about the gauge when in 3rd person view (when we see the bike) Here are the parameters of the gauges :

low = 5000
low_angle = -60
low_step = 1000
start = 7000
end = 17000
step = 1000
hide_tick2 = 1

Low rangeEdit

low : RPM gauge start (low range)

low_angle : start angle for the gauge (from the horizontal axis)

low_step : interval between 2 RPM text display in the low range

Upper rangeEdit

start : start of the second part of the RPM

end : RPM gauge endstep : interval between 2 RPM text display in the upper range 

hide_tick2 :

  • 1 > only display 500RPM subtick on the low range
  • 0 > 500RPM subtick are displayed on all range

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