General informationEdit

Be sure to use the same bike name and id name when needed.

The ini, cfg and geom files should have the same name as the folder

  1. Complete the ini file (at least bike name, short name and category) >
  2. In the .cfg :
    1. Adjust bike name and id
    2. Give the right name and geom_id for the geometry file
  3. In the .geom
    1. Change the id to fit your geom_id of the config file

Engine and transmissionEdit

  1. Engine map (2 maps) >
  2. Rev limiter  >
  3. Primary transmission ratio >
  4. Gearbox ratio >
  5. Secondaray transmission ratio (front and rear sprockets) >
  6. Inertia of the engine >
  7. Stall >
  8. Idle >
  9. Clutch >
  10. Electronic (optional) >
  11. Shift help (auto blip) >


  1. Master cylinder diameter >
  2. Master cylinder leverage >
  3. Disc weight and name >

Tyres (if needed)Edit

  1. Adjust which tyre to use and the settings for each one :

Geometry (not ready yet)Edit

  1. More to come soon ...

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